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I keep seeing mention of wait staff having to pay for dine-and-dashes. In the US, that's not legal, generally speaking. In many states, it's very illegal.



... after asking your manager to deliver the ticket he STILL believed the creepy fuck when he said you'd offer to pay for it?! Your manager sucks! And that server has to pay if a table walks out rule pisses me off. Good on you for sticking creepy ass with the bill the second time.


@Google- it can be as very illegal as the law wants. What ISN'T illegal in most states is to make the decision to terminate a server's employment without any stated reason. Or to state the reason as "incompetent as evidenced by the number of diners who have walked out without paying" citing that a competent server doesn't have that issue.

Misty Meanor

You go girl!


"even after I told him I was both taken, and gay"
Neither of which is any of his fucking business.

I'm surprised the guy was so easy and willing to pay for the skipped meal when you slammed the bill in front of him.


I am too, lightning. I'd look into a restraining order if you ever see him again, and there's a difference between a dine and dash and a guy saying a server will pay for his order. If the manager took him at his word, and charged the server, that manager is incompetent

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