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I highly doubt those were 'friends'. Anyone who does that is an asshole you shouldn't associate with. I do like how the parents took over - they needed the embarrassment. (Hope their allowance was stopped until it was paid back)


I agree with Lightning here. Sounds like that unlucky kid got bullied/was intentionally left to dry and they didn't count on him having to call his dad who in turn called *their* parents.

This happened to one of my friends in college with an almost exact same turnout. The main difference was he called the assholes first to try and get them to come back, then when they refused, he called parents of the assholes himself and in one case, the girlfriend of said asshole. Basically their line of thinking? What my friend couldn't pay, the restaurant would make him work off washing dishes or bussing tables.

They never thought he'd have viable ways of getting revenge on them/actually forcing them to help pay the tab.


Yeah, the unlucky kid was not one of the "group" or however you want to say it. Hopefully, the parents are making the ones who ran out work it off in some fashion, I would if my kids ever pulled a stunt like that. I'd also make them apologize to the entire wait staff and the management. I am going to make my kids get jobs at 16, working in some form of retail, so they know what it's like

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