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OSHA takes a very dim view of such flagrant - and illegal - safety violations. His only real (legal) option, at that point, would have been to just fire you for not following instructions (or, perhaps, some lesser punishment).

"My boss and my other closing coworker laughed hysterically at me, rather than offer any sort of assistance."

"I think I hurt my back. I need to go to the emergency room for x-rays. Which hospital does your workman's comp want us to use? If you're not sure, we can just call 911."

The boss will stop laughing at that point, since the claim *will* raise his workman's comp premiums next year, possibly by as much as 100% when they find out he forced you ignore safety rules, and b) if he argues with you about it, even a little, he could go to prison. And c) if he fires you in the next several months, it'll cost him even more.

(I suspect the punishments are less in other states, but in California, all of that is 100% accurate. You do not - ever - argue with a workman's comp claim.)


*grabbing phone on floor* Ambulance? Yes, I've just fallen and am remaining stationary until you arrive. *calls another number* Police? I'd like to sue my workplace for not assisting a person in need - me.

Though, frankly, I think they should not even LET you work, if you don't have the right shoes on. I recall I once went to an interview for McD with someone else. Suddenly, talked like we were gonna start working that very second - no news about that to either of us; I was wearing sneakers and only knew about an interview.

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