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"Fine! I'm never coming here again!" The customer said.

To borrow from Acts of Gord, "That would be my point, yes."


Methinks the OP's version of Gun Control is keeping both hands on the gun at all times. (Not being political, this post just reminded me of that saying)

I was once married to a cop, and my stepfather is an armed security guard for one of the biggest aerospace companies in the US. They both taught me 1,2, and 6 as a matter of course. (7 was part of 6 in our lessons, 3 was considered part and parcel of 1 and 2, and the ones about customers don't apply in my case)

You never point a weapon of any fashion at a person. Period. That idiot could have gotten someone killed. I'm GLAD he's "never coming here again". Hope he didn't, OP.

This is as close to a retail balls award I've ever seen the President of the Company get. ;)


Wow that totally sucks. Even if you know the weapon is not loaded, that's totally disrespectful and shows straight away the customer should not be trusted with owning a gun.

Good to see your boss totally had your back.

It could have been a lot worse:
https://youtu.be/Vagpn4SWgDs (terrifying weapon handling)


"There is no such thing as shooting to injure."
I disagree... well, I'd use the word 'incapacitate'.

"Yeah, but it was unloaded."
Doesn't fucking matter. You're obviously one of the stupid people that should never handle them.


Shooting to 'incapacitate' is going to get someone else killed. That's why they use things like pepper spray and tasers, because guns aren't Star Trek phasers you can set to stun.


To TechTyger: Good one! I remember Gamer's Edge out of Penticton BC very well.


You may have posted that on the wrong listing. :P I mentioned Gord on a different one...


TechTyger: Nope, this is the listing. The 'Acts Of Gord' website is an archive of anecdotes from the guy who owned Gamer's Edge video store in Penticton BC, Canada. I visited there often when my Grandpa lived in Kelowna (just north up the Okanagan valley), even met "The Gord" a few times. Showing my age by admitting this, though.

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