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"threatens to call corporate and tell them how terrible we are here."
Sir, let me get this straight. Your immediate reaction, upon seeing a new machine, was to basically go 'Ooh, shiny!' and try to touch it, despite it being abundantly clear that it was - to put it frankly - fucking hot and shouldn't be touched. And now you want me to fire an employee for attempting to keep you from hurting yourself and sueing us for your own stupidity? Yeah, no. *click*


"911, what is your emergency?"

"We have a crazy guy here who keeps trying to stick his hand into a machine that will scald the skin off. He's becoming belligerent, and starting to get threatening, and he's going to seriously injure himself if he isn't restrained."

"We'll send an ambulance out right away."


So for those of us who don't know...what the hell is a glove steamer? Is this one of those things bored rich people buy?


According to Google, a glove steamer is something that's used to soften new leather gloves, so one does not have to wear it out naturally for 2-3 months to have it fit perfectly.

Sooooooo... Yes?

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