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That right there was Madam, I had a 26 hour contract and she insisted I had to do five days a week from 3 and a half hour shifts to 9 and a half hour shifts with an hour travel. She could have had better work out of me if she had just given me four days work or regular shifts. She had zero regard a regular set shifts, except for her favourites, and you could work turnarounds (against the law in the UK) two or three times a week if you didn't keep an eye on her.

Even worse we had another shop literally around the corner and they always had set rotas. Every week with at least two weeks notice. No wonder our shop went under.


I am full time with Checkerboard Flag Auto Parts. Full time employees must be available for scheduling 24x7, but we can request specific individual days off if we do so 2 weeks in advance.

Part timers can specify their available days and hours, but that will limit the number of work hours they will get.

Jennifer Walker

Sorry, to burst your bubble, but this was not engineered just to get millennials. This has been a thing for about forever. My father had to deal with it back in the day when he first started working (although to be fair shifts were probably more regular then, although not in all sectors), and I had to deal with it at fast food and big box stores close to 30 years ago. It's just a thing. If they can get away with it, they will. And, quite frankly, there are shifts that need to be covered, people call out, all kinds of things happen. It's called Life. Some places of employment deal with it better than others. If yours is not dealing with it well, look for another job. And I know that's not always easy, but, again, that's Life.

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