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"You're supposed to SLICE the fish. Do you not know how to slice fish?"
Given that I am not the one preparing the food, I can assure you that *I* don't slice it.

"You're an embarrassment to sushi."

"Is there something I should've done differently?"
Nope. I think you did everything right.

"his attitude is that WE should deal with upset customers."
Why not? As said, you handled it well. Throwing a tantrum because the food is not the exact way the customer THINKS it's supposed to be done does not equate that they get anything out of it. Pay and leave.
Why crawl into the ass of a jerk?


I think managers are the ones who should have to deal with abusive customers, the servers don't get paid enough.
That being said, I think you handled it well. The food obviously wasn't that bad, or he wouldn't have eaten it, and acting like a jackass is not acceptable, regardless. On the rare occaisons that I have sent food back, I was polite about it, because we're all human and mistakes happen.
And I agree with lightning: "Do you not know how to slice fish?" "Sir, I am the server, I have no idea how to slice fish. Allow me to bring out our classically trained Japanese chef with his very sharp knives, and you can address your complaints to him, since you are clearly the expert on Sushi"


I'd say you handled it pretty well - he didn't get any free food, and thus, was not encourage to come back and try to rip you off again.

The real failure there is your manager, who is weak and not very competent, and who seems prone to blaming others for his own deficiencies.


You asked him how you could fix it. He refused your offer. There was nothing else you could do for him. Some people are just bitter assholes. Treat this experience like water off a duck's ass - let it roll off.

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