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The most effective way to deal with banks doing stupid things is to go to the local branch and make a scene. As close to the loan officer's desk as you can. Make it clear that your goal is to warn anyone else contemplating doing business with them what they'll be dealing with.

Friend of mind had a bank that wouldn't cash a business to business check drawn on a different branch because he didn't have an account. He watched several people get up and leave when he started yelling about "Your bank is so untrustworthy you don't even trust your own branches?" They cashed his check, with no fees.

(Note: If the branch manager is *really* incompetent and stupid, you'll be escorted out by the police. This will make them even more famous on the interent.)


Alternatively, say "well, I guess [local trash news] will make a great story about this. How much do you think a sob story about how you cruelly stole the food out of my family's mouths ('I got five kids to feed!'), got our car repossessed and were evicted from our home be worth?"

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