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Dafuq? How'd they end up sideways and backwards?


The sign on the side of the building clearly says "Drive-Thru". I don't see a problem.

Kai Lowell

The problem is that it's pointing the opposite way!


It looks like a high speed exit from the main road and the car just happened to hit the building. They plain lost control of the car or had a heart attack I'd guess.


When I was living in Vegas, back in the early 90's, I saw the aftermath of a pharmacy robbery. It was a straight smash and grab, and the crooks hot wired a car that was sitting in a vacant lot, smashed it thru the pharmacy wall, and made off with as much medication as they could. As far as I know, they were never caught
These custy made drive thrus always make me think of that. I didn't see the heist itself, but I saw all the cops, the police tape, and the car sticking out of the building early the next morning

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