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I can't believe someone that stupid has a child...


Sadly, procreation requires no brains. If you want to really piss of a new parent, when they brag about their child, congratulate them on successfully doing something that virtually every living creature throughout all of history has done. Even viruses reproduce, and they're arguably not even alive.

Tech Support Survivor


When I went to the SPCA they had a room with the cats you could see, and an additional room with kittens. They had other felines, but kept in other rooms, because they were sick/recovering/etc.

Of course I went where they pointed I could go, I didn't wander around.


google, I enjoy doing that. Destroy their bubble of considering themselves above the rest cause they pushed something out of their vajayjay, something that has been happening for millions of years. Not just by humans.


Most people have no clue what ring worm is, actually. They think it's actually a worm type parasite similar to tape worm. Misleading name I guess

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