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They didn't even have the decency to give people with petite-sized feet a discount, by the same logic.

Now if the sign was saying there'd be increased fees for people with overly sweaty, stinky and grimy feet, I'm sure nobody would bat an eye.


So, exactly WHAT counts as overweight? The weight of the person? The BMI - which, in iteself is already a stupid thing, given how unreliable it is? I might understand this, if it said that diabetics would have to pay more, cause of increased risk of causing injury.

Also, I studied to be a pedi/mani/'wellness' employee and 45$ for a pedicure? Seems a bit... pricey. Even if this includes medical pedicure. And what do they mean 'service fees' for pedicurists? The regular price also pays for their service.


They're overcharging overweight people because of broken chairs? Because no one else can break chairs, amirite?

Misty Meanor

I can understand for stinky feet, but for being overweight? That's ridiculous! Some people can't control that!


I can understand the same thing as Misty, the health of the feet should be charged accordingly but the size of the foot? That's pathetic.

Tech Support Survivor

As a large person I am soooo offended. My guess is they have cheap stuff. If you have cheap equipment it will break easier than well made stuff. I've had pedicures and foot treatments done by different salons, spas, and a podiatrist. I can't believe the gall of some people. Never charged any more than anyone else.

It's not like being charged extra for a hair colouring because you have long hair (need to use more dye).

Tech Support Survivor

Ugh. You charge more when you have to use more product (like in my hair dye example), or when you have to spend more time.

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