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Urrrgh, that's bad... reminds me of the idiots who think that Naoto and Chihiro are actually transgender (or want to be) instead of simply being transvestites...

Misty Meanor

I may be transgender, but if you ask me that, I'll tell you that it's none of your business.


My ex has long hair, he's slightly androgynous but definitely male. He does look like a woman from certain angles (when riding a bicycle he has a definitely feminine outline from behind) but has no desire to be one, yet he has also been asked similar questions over his life. All because he doesn't look conventional. Why do people think asking strangers personal questions like that is ok? It never, ever is.


Molly, reply with a different personal question. "Are you transgender?"
"What's your favorite sex position?"


I'll always remember that Mollys ex wore his hair in a pony tail, and if he was asked about it he would reply ' Because when you lift it up, there is an ass (arse:uk) underneath'


That's my ex-husband, King, I'm talking about my complicated ex. He has long hair all over.

His head, I mean his head.


:0) Ah yes.
It's like me and my long eyelashes,I bet he makes all the girls jealous.


He makes me jealous, he has a waist, I don't!


I am most often mistaken for a man from behind. My hair has been waist length since I was 10. I believe that my hair is an intelligence-sink for some people. When they see it, they are compelled to ask the most inane questions possible. For example: "How do you go to the bathroom? Doesn't it fall into the toilet?" -_-

Simple answer, "You're asking a stupid question that are completely inappropriate, are you a jackass?"

Tech Support Survivor

*facepalm* Idiot. Men and women can have long hair. Bah, one thing to call someone miss when you see long hair and then see that it's a guy. Oops. My bad. You do not ask those things! I'm going to put this up there with asking oh, are you pregnant?

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