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Dude, choosing a beer is serious business. You've got all kinds of decisions to make. Do I feel like dark or light beer today? Sweet or a little bitter? Should I opt for the hard cider, or the IPA? Craft or Microbrew, domestic or imported? All beers are not created equal, and life is far too short to waste money on an inferior brew *cough* budweiser *cough*


He's a little flighty, you should give him a break. Hopefully he's not cheep.

Ok, ok, I'm sorry, I'll get the flock out of here...


OMG, I feel like really stupid right now! I did not even notice the bird, thought it was a random complaint about someone taking too long to pick out a beer. ROFLMAO. Thank you TT


Sometimes we have to swallow our pride and accept we ducked up. :)


TT, there's gonna be a murder now >_>


At the crow bar?

Kai Lowell

Oy, I step away for five minutes and y'all are already winging it...


Wren are you going to learn not to leave us alone? We get our beaks in all kinds of trouble...

Kai Lowell

That's what I get for thinking I could sparrow a minute.


Ostriched as much as I could, but I just can't make any more puns fly. I feel like a Great Tit, a right Blue footed Booby.


Where is Kingfisher when all the bird puns are flying?


I'm here now. I was waiting for my Tern.
This isn't my full time Hobby you know,
Anyway, enough of me Brambling, I drive Molly cuckoo enough offline...

It looks like this small chap has been there for a long Quail and no matter what he drank he'll be feeling a little Ruff in the Moorhen.

I'm going to stop Skylarking about now, I'm Starling to run out of birds.

I feel a right Twite ....


What did I do?

I'm so sorry.


You should Knot be sorry Molly.
Smew weren't to know. I always respected my Elders


Eider know, you say one thing ...


(heehees and applauds KingfisherDrew) I condor as well as you have, so I'm chickening out.

Tech Support Survivor

Oh TT, don't take a swan dive.


(takes a sip of his Falcon Punch) No, Albatross'd up in trying to think of new ones. Owl bow out gracefully.

(One I couldn't work in..."Tern down for what?")

Kai Lowell

I give up too. I'd just cock up if I tried to keep going...


Don't be emu, not everybody can roadrunner as fast...

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