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Yeah, Watchtower is a Jehovah's Witless publication. Best place for it is lining a trash can, bird cage, or litter box.


*stares into her eyes*
"In accordance with the prophecy, the end truly is nigh. The Dark Gods, The Nameless ones from the time before man are rising, returning to this earth, and the world will be destroyed in blood and fire! All hail the Dark Ones, for theirs is the true path to power, and those of us who remain faithful will be the new rulers of the earth and granted power beyond the dreams of mere mortals!"

Sorry, I know you can't say things like that, but Gods those people bug me

Misty Meanor

Unfortunately, some people don't know about policies like that... or in extreme cases, don't even care!


I would of said something like "We really aren't supposed to throw things away for customers, but I'll do it for you this time." Chucked it in the trash, then smiled brightly to the next customer and very sweetly said "Next."


"I know the policy, but it shouldn't apply to -ME-, this is important!"


I gotta say, I've been lucky in that the only proselytizer that comes around my shop is a poor older lady that doesn't take her meds as often as she's supposed to. Generally, we just smile and nod and call her sister to come get her and that's the end of that for a few months.

Though now I really kinda want to meet one of those "end is near" kind of people...

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