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"I went to get one and they had to stay open late Bc of it [heart symbol]"

Please be useful for once and get hit by a falling goat, thereby causing an enormous amount of pain for you while also protecting the goat from the fall.

McHell Manager

Quite honestly, except for the whole "Hehe, I got one and the workers had to stay late! Hehe" bit, this is nothing more than whining about doing your job.

Oh, you had to make frappuccinos for your whole shift? I thought that was part of your job. My old job had $.25 Frappe days with no limits on how many one person could order. There were people ordering twenty frappe's at a time followed by 15, with another order of 5 behind, and then another 20. Sure you get a bit sticky from the syrups, but that's what soap and water are for. Shit in your hair? What are you doing?? Taking a shower with it?!

Honestly I don't know if I'm just being a bitch, but to me this article is just a "WAAAAHHH PEOPLE ARE MAKING ME DO MY JOB!!!!" type of article


I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks that the barista is being rather bratty.

Personally, I hope he gets fired. It's beyond idiotic to get on social media and tell people not to buy a product from the company you work for when that reason has nothing to do with health, safety or morality.

Though I absolutely loved the part where he said that he has never been so stressed in his life. He's 19 freakin' years old. While I doubt his life is stress free, I highly doubt that making a particular order again and again is truly that stressful beyond your normal working conditions.


Let it also be noted that most of the social media responses that I'm seeing in which they say that they won't buy the drink are coming from girls who look like they're still in middle school. Most of them try hitting on him at the same time.


Sorry about this. One more thing. Is he really recording this WHILE DRIVING?

This moron is whining about being inconvenienced by a Starbuck's order while he's endangering the lives of others?


Thank you StormofDarkness! I thought the same thing - why the hell are you ranting and recording this WHILE DRIVING!?! Suck it up sweetheart. We all have crappy days at work. This too shall pass.


I have a Starbucks in my workplace. The manager doesn't expect to have any more Unicorn supplies after this week and she has received everything that she can get.

He really needs to grow up.


Wahh wahh wahh little bitch... you should have been alive and working during the Harry Potter craze! I was closing shift in those days, which meant I got to suffer through three midnight releases of Harry Potter books. My only consolation was that most people preordered the book and were, to a man/woman, NICE!

Did it suck that it was like finding parking on Black Friday? Yes! Was it insane that you could barely move and the lines snaked around the store and through several aisles? YES! Was it absolutely insane that I got to go home close to 3 am when I normally got home at 11? YES!

But that was my goddamn job and I did it! Get over yourself sunshine, and welcome to the adult world.


I thought the same thing...just another kid complaining about actually having to DO work. Gee, maybe I should make a video about having to sell people gas at my job! All day long "ten dollars on pump 3" and five seconds later the same person comes in to say that pump 12 isn't working and I have to move their money to another pump. I don't complain...because it's my job to move the money between pumps because people don't know their numbers. It's my job to get yelled at by people who can't follow the directions to start the pump and think I'm doing something to it.

So to the Starbucks kid....suck it up buttercup. If you don't want to make Frappuccino's, here's an easy solution...don't fucking work at Starbucks.


Agree with basically everyone on here. Your job is your job. I worked support during antenna gate with the iPhone 4 first release. Was it hell? Yes, there were over 300 calls in queue all day, every day, but it was part of the job. Worst part was iFruit's complete inability to admit to any sort of fuck up on their part. I had to keep telling angry people that it was a non-issue, and they're holding their phones wrong, LOL. On a side note, that unicorn frap sounds disgusting, so I won't be ordering it


I also worked at a gas station on New Year's Eve 1999, during the "End of the world" scare. It was non stop my entire shift, with cars lined up around the pumps and circling the parking lot. We had to get 3 emergency fuel deliveries just during my shift, and we sold out of all bottled and canned goods during the first shift. People stockpiling gas and supplies against the "end"


... so we're not allowed to vent about our job?

Tech Support Survivor

It looks gross. But geeze dude, don't whine. Every job has it's busy times.


Rysky: of course you can complain about your job. But have a real complaint. Don't be a customer service clerk who complains about helping customers. He said nothing about bad customers, coworkers or managers. His complaint boiled down to whining about a basic part of a barista's job.

I stock shelves for a living. Should I start whining about larger deliveries during sales?


God someone get that kid a baby bottle. I haven't heard that kind of whining in forever. Yes, its a fad drink. Yes, you're going to be making a lot of them. Yes, you're going to have to deal with it for a month before people forget it exists. Welcome to retail!


Not even a month. It's a week long event.

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