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I know I am going overboard here but this manager is as bad as those jerks who crashed the planes into the Twin Towers! What a disgusting piece of crap he is for not allowing people to leave or call home to see how their families are!

Misty Meanor

I hope he was fired.


BH and Misty, I couldn't agree more. What a piece of crap and major douche canoe. Because you need an entire canoe to contain his level of douche. That's like the defining event of our generation. Everyone remembers what they were doing when it happened. Like the Kennedy assassination or the bombing of Pearl Harbor

Tech Support Survivor

Seriously! I had classes. I went in, but no one worked on anything, we were all distracted by trying to get updates.

Kai Lowell

Hell, even I remember where I was that day and I was incoherent for most of it! (In hospital due to a rather bad seizure - faint memories of seeing news snippets when I finally returned to the world of the semi-conscious...)

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