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And in a few minutes, they'll offer to rehire him. Just long enough for the outrage at the stupidity to go down, so they can fire him more quietly. Home Depot, you're running out of feet to shoot...


Headline should read "Home Depot Follows Harsh Corporate Culture and Fires 70 Year Old Army Veteran Employee Who Ignored A Well Documented Safety Policy That Has Been In Place For Years."

It's not like it's a new policy, or obscure, of they've only recently started strict enforcement. Frankly, if they allowed this kind of shit, I would feel safe shopping there.


I get his point, but I see where they're coming from in this case as well. Pretty much every store has a policy like this in place for a reason, and it's mostly common knowledge. I do think firing for a first offense is kind of harsh, it might better be served with a reprimand and final warning, but on the other hand, the thieves could've pulled guns or otherwise endangered the safety of everyone else in the store had they been stopped. You just never know. In this case, it's really a tough call

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