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"The powers that be decided that the week of vacation I had saved up can't be paid out, and can't just be burned, so I have to return for one more shift."

I had thought that was illegal throughout the United States, but apparently, it's only certain states. Fortunately, I live in one of them.


That's why you always use your vacation BEFORE putting in your notice. Sometimes you can get away with scheduling the vacation then putting in the notice just before leaving...


I didn't know there were states that required them to pay for unused vacation time. Anybody I knew that was quitting had used them up before saying they were quitting. Be ready for the day you give them notice to not be working from that point onward.


My store manager said that I'd get paid out my vacation. Then as if to get one last dig in Harpy Queen reminded my SM that my state is one if the few where they won't pay out. She is a bitch till the bitter end. And normally I'd burn all my time but I was just so done with work I needed to get the hell out.

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