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"It's not about how old you are, it's about being able to prove to the regulators we checked. They run stings, and when they do, they act just like you. Are you an agent of the government?"


One of my employees once told me "They're not allowed to lie if you ask them their age"
I had to explain that it didn't really work like that, and that the whole purpose of the sting was to make sure the law was being upheld. The law is not "ask their age" the law is "I need to check your ID before I can sell you that, since you are not obviously over 18 or 21"


"My son's 20 years old."
That's funny, he told me he was 25. See why we have to check?


I have people try to give me their high school ID. I laughed at one kid when I handed it back saying "no way". His logic was that if he graduated in 2015 and was 18 then that makes him 21 now. Doesn't work that way kiddo.


I've had that, too. In addition to birth certificates, those ID's issued at check cashing places that are in no way valid ID, and social security cards. Now, the birth certificate, I can sort of understand. It's government issued and it has the DOB, but we still can't take it, because no photo. The others are just ridiculous

Misty Meanor

That might not even have been his mother.


Don't forget the ever-popular "Here's a photo of my ID on my phone"!

Tech Support Survivor

Stupid! Just point at the ID 25 signs and the 2k fines sign. The law is the law.

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