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LOL. That reminds me of when I worked for a fruit-themed electronics company doing phone support for all things overpriced. I had a caller who bought a new device and called in complaining that there was a sort-of overlay on the screen of the icons that never went away or changed.
Having been in this line of work for a long time and having seen much worse examples of customer idiocy, it came to me after a minute or so of thought that the caller had never removed the protective film that the products ship with


I won't lie. I had this happen to me once as a customer with a new laptop. It was about four months later when I realized that there was a protective film over the screen.

It didn't impede my ability to use the laptop. It was more of just a 'huh' moment.


I bought a Kobo H2O (it's great to be able read books in the bath again!) and left the film on it because I kind of like it. Weird for a tech but true - I also left the film on my Nokia until it started to unstick itself and annoy me.

Funnily enough the Kobo is FAR more responsive with the film off. I am fail.

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