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Still dealing with the fallout of this a week later. One of the POS's thorks itself if the bank doesn't properly reply, so all the transactions have to be killed and rerun. So now hundreds of transactions per merchant, for thousands of dollars has to be re-done, and it's Muggins holding the bag...

Tech Support Survivor

Yea, that is frustrating. And lets face it, some people won't accept the fact it's an outage. While doing tech support for a well hated US cable company for their internet we got flooded with calls. All of New England lost tv/internet. During a Patriots game.

The only time I fielded more calls was when they moved New Jersey from their old system to the new. Literally every call was yes we are doing upgrades, we expect this to be finished at noon. Powercycle your modem then and try again.


This directly deals with money, so I get people being excited... but continuing to harangue me for another 20 minutes after I've told them it's fucked and there's nothing I can do about it, doubly so when also whining about the hold time (The hold time is so bad because EVERYBODY HAS THE SAME PROBLEM... and they're spending 20 minutes haranguing me about it after I've told them it's fucked and there's nothing I can do...)

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