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Heh. I love videos of those physical interrupts being turned off... Massive Jacob's ladder effect.

That tour reminds me of one I went on as a wee cubscout decades ago, at a fire station near the airport. I was standing in front of the truck, and thinking it'd be cool if the blew the horn... when they blew the horn mounted on the bumper that I was standing right in front of. I did an 8 foot broad jump from a standing start, right over one other kid, and nearly killed two firefighters from laughter.


This is an old clip, but still neat to watch. It must have loud as hell, too, judging by the echo at the end.



Heh. All that I can think of is the jackoffs who try to steal the copper wire from the substations. Some call it a tragic accident, I call it improving the gene pool


Ha! D, that's exactly the clip I was thinking of. :D

TV: Indeed.


I'm told the Darwin Awards refused to allow submissions having to do with people dying after getting electrocuted trying to steal copper wire or getting crushed trying to steal metal support beams because they broke two rules: it has to be an act of stupidity, not a desire to feed your family, and those submissions are becoming *way* too common.


Those are both acts of stupidity, whatever the reason involved. If you take the bottom part of a building out and the top collapses on you, that was stupid. If you try and steal part of a power supply while it's active and assume the aspect of a small piece of burnt toast, that was stupid...

Way too common I believe.

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