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I am either really tired, really dumb, or really missing something, cause I don't get it. At all. Someone care to help clear things up for me?


Aside from the obvious 'H is the full line', I got nothin'.


Obscure, but look at the top. Think of adult words that start with H. Think of an adult word that sort of rhymes with bobo and the H word is part of that part.


Hobo? I am so confused.

Kai Lowell

I'm...not getting it either.


I'm not getting banned spelling it out. This was the best hint I could do.


Nope. Me too neither. No idea what you're talking about...


OK, I would like to appeal to the Gods of RHU to relax any bans and let us in on this, because I have no clue, and I think I speak for all of us when I say I want in on the joke, LOL

Kai Lowell

It's too broad a hint. Are we talking about a body part? A certain action? Some sort of adult pleasure aid? How many letters is this word? I shouldn't think being a little more specific in that manner is a problem.


There are two words. Both are body parts. Bobo that rhymes is not the H word it's a V word. The H word body part is part of the V word body part. Look at the cover where it's being filled and think of sex.


...I thought I had a dirty mind, but you've got me outnaughtied I think. Still no idea.

Kai Lowell


Yeah, I get it now. TT: think the womanly feature that all men want to, shall we say, take.

Kai Lowell

... *supposedly all men. I accidentally a word there and I'm not even on a phone keyboard.


I can't come up with any words that rhyme with 'bobo' that begin with V that has some other part of the body listed in it with an H...

Kai Lowell

Ignore the rhyme for now, I don't get that part either - I think Jofur knows a slang term for that particular womanly tunnel that we don't. But it's the, ahem, bit of skin in there that, er, tends to rip.


Ok, that explains it, but I've never heard any rhyme like that. :P

Kai Lowell

Me either, but at least the mystery is solved!

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