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Adding to the account I can see no I.D. required. To redeem the free bag of dog food should require an I.D. as it removes something the customer has coming from the program.


Also, makes it harder for scammers if the information is entered in the computer. "I can see this was redeemed on x/x/xx, by ."


If it's an old phone number, it may have been re-issued and the new owner is also using it at the store. After a period of time, old phone numbers get re issued.

We have a reward program at my gas station, every 10th of certain items are free. We always have husbands, wives, kids, friends, etc. using the same phone number, someone gets the free item then when the actual card holder comes in for their free item, it's already used. That's why I tell people that they can share a card but at their own risk because there is a greater chance that someone else will get the free item.


I actually always use my dad's member card at the grocery store. Every certain number of points, he can redeem them for discounts on gas, and since I don't drive, I don't need the discounts, so it's win-win, I save money on groceries, he gets cheaper gas, LOOL

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