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I await the first reports of lawsuits for defective glasses you gave out, that caused eye damage. Very stupid promo for a company to have with all that liability.


I fielded no less than 40 phone calls last night asking for the glasses.

The only thing is that I work the overnight shift in a grocery store. People were calling a grocery store after midnight to find out if we had any glasses in stock.


I work in a hardware store. We're sold out of welding masks. Note: Welding masks do not really provide an adequate level of protection. Note 2: We are at least 1,000 miles from the path of totality.

Tech Support Survivor

The news decided to air a message, there are no glasses for sale in the entire province. Shame, I wouldn't mind watching, but oh well.


It's over now, I missed it, IDK how far out of the path of totality I was, but I know I would've gotten a decent partial view. Oh well. Work comes first. Also, I know there were some end of the world loonies about for the eclipse. I swear, every astrological phenomenon brings them out of the woodwork. I still remember the Hallebop Comet ones


I missed it too. but where I am was waaay out on the edge anyway, and I didn't have any glasses. And the grapes were probably sour anyway.

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