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Retail Psycho

I used to work at dominos. We got really good at looking up phone numbers while the phone was ringing and if it was too far away we just wouldn't answer. We'd also lock the doors a few minutes early and if someone knocked we'd just say it was after closing time by our clocks and we physically can't take an order. (A giant lie but they didn't know that"


I have called at the last minute, although it was an accident. I didn't realize how late it was. (When you work nights, concepts like 'what day is it' and 'late at night' can be slippery) I apologized when I realized, and said thanks anyway...and he said they had one pepperoni ready to go, and could cook it before they shut the oven down, and my place was on the driver's way home.

I gave the guy a 10$ tip on a 12$ pizza, I was so happy. :) Good things happen when you're not a dick to people.


Heh. It does indeed throw you off completely.

"I'd like a hamburger, fries, and a beer please"
"Sir, it's 5 am"
"Yep. I just got off work, and I'm looking forward to a nice dinner, a couple beers, and some relaxation. This is my evening"

And then getting hungry around 2 or 3 in the morning on your days off is always fun. I lived in Vegas so it wasn't bad, but there was no delivery options, it was either hit a Denny's, a casino, a drive through, or cook something

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