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No, they cannot check each package, and if they tried someone would be screaming about privacy laws. I did have something close to this though that made me angry. I bought a bundle set of a mother board and processor when building a computer. After much frustration, I called tech support and found that the board and processor were incompatible. I asked why in the heck they were being sold as a bundle set if they are incompatible, and got treated to a very professional sounding description of what tech support wanted to do to the physical bodies of the sales department. Unfortunately I had to pay for the new one as I damaged the first processor.


Tech support often wants to kill and eat sales, for just such a reason. "Idiot doesn't know what he needs" is just a PPPPPPP error, ("Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance"), but selling a bundle indicates 'these things work together'.

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