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Kai Lowell

That's definitely not Japan - the sign is in simplified Chinese!


I'm guessing lactic acid bacteria means yogurt. Frozen yogurt and below that peach frozen yogurt.

Kai Lowell

Nope, it actually literally means "lactic acid bacteria" - the transliteration is rǔ suān jūn. I'm guessing it's some sort of fermented yogurt-type thing, I'll look into it a tad.

Kai Lowell

Well, half right. It's not fermented. It's just a yogurt drink. The peach one is actually honey and peach flavor, the one above it is passion fruit.

Kai Lowell

So you were right on the yogurt guess, and if my enter key doesn't quit submitting comments instead of inserting a line break, I will break it. :P

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