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Not only was it a perfectly valid complaint but it's clear that the responder didn't even bother to understand the original post. It said right there at the beginning that he showed up before 9.


Again, "Customer Service" is a phony account that has nothing to do with the actual store. And if his clock is set wrong, that's his fault, not the employee's.


Yeaaah it's actually NOT a valid complaint. If you had ANY idea how many people have their clocks set ten or even fifteen minutes off actual time, you wouldn't have even raised an eyebrow at this. People rattle our doors as much as fifteen or twenty minutes past closing, demand to be let in, and show us watches or yell about their car clocks saying we shouldn't be closed yet. (Extra hilarity points, my job is next to a bank, which has an electronic sign that flashes both the accurate time and the outside temperature. So these idiots will try to argue that the bank's clock is wrong too.)

Kai Lowell

My sister used to know someone who'd deliberately set their clock about ten minutes slow, then try to argue with the employees of wherever he was shopping that their clock HAD to be wrong. On purpose.


I set mine about 10 minutes ahead. It's the only way I get anywhere on time, LOL

Kai Lowell

I swear I should do that sometimes, my dad (bless his heart) apparently has less of a sense of time than mum and I do, so we're constantly skirting a bit close to appointment times and the like...


LOL. I have like no sense of time at all

Kai Lowell

I suspect you'd be a bit more amenable to "we need to leave NOW if we don't want to be late" though. :P


So, what about places where it really is not closing time? Is it alright then for them to close 5 or 10 minutes early? Or is that rude and inconsiderate of the employees? I understand there are people who go in stores and stay past closing, but I am not one of these people. I got to my bank at 4:59 pm, and the door was still unlocked. I could not go thru the drive thru because of the amount I needed from my account. If they had locked up 5 minutes early, that would have been problematic for me.


Due to the nature of this complaint we will never know for sure if the man's clock was early or if the employees closed early. There have been several times when I have locked up my store 5 minutes early just to be done with my shift, but that was 99% of the time I hadn't seen a customer in the past hour and the parking lot was stone dead. That 1% was I had a shitty day I'm sick of people you can suck it up and come back tomorrow.


It doesn't matter what actual time they close. They have to put specific hours on the doors, but even if they were only closed for one minute at midnight, some asshat would show up and neep about how they closed early.

If it's important for you to do something, maybe allocate more than one minute to do it?


Sometimes you can't get there before close to close, due to work, or previous obligations.

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