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Kai Lowell

Ramune! Love me some ramune.

And now I want some.


When I went to Oregon last, I bought a bunch of Ramune sodas just because of that. Still have one left...

Kai Lowell

*reeeeeaches* *cute kitty eyes*


(giggles) There's a massive Japanese store there near Beaverton... all kinds of stuff. I could easily have spent thousands... And if they weren't 5-10 bucks each on Amazon I'd buy you a couple. :)

Kai Lowell

There's actually a really good Japanese store about three and a half hours away, I just don't drive and can't really find the time or inclination to beg someone who does to take me there. One of these days... *sigh*


I can top that, the one I know is 3000 miles away, an 8 -12 hour plane trip. :P

Kai Lowell

Clearly you need to move to Chicago, then you'll have one handy. :P (And then I'd have more of a reason to go visit my aunt if there were friends in the area.)


If I could meet Harry Dresden, sure. (Briefly, then get far away. :P)

Kai Lowell

Well I'd tell you to move to Iowa but there's nothing but corn and idiots here. :P

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