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I'd be so tempted to mention something about getting ripped off at other more expensive stores.

"Me: No sir, I think the items are a good price for the quality you are getting.

AD: Which is cheap."

Yes the price is low but the quality is quite high.


My Fiance and I had a similar conversation, actually. She's in complete agreement with me, it's not the cost or the size of the rock on the ring, it's the love and thought behind it. Neither of us are rich, so we were picking things out when I found some really pretty and unique rings online. Not your traditional diamond engagement rings, but really nice, and they come as matched sets, so you get the engagement and matching his and hers rings. So yes, I agree completely and that dad was an ass


Without a doubt that dad is a total tool. Thank goodness it sounds like the sons don't take after him but still since they are so young they are forced to go along with him. He is also likely the kind of person who upon after giving you said gift is like "Do you know how much that cost me??"


I think the sons should shop without their father sticking his nose where it doesn't belong! Hasn't he ever heard of "It's the thought that counts"?

Tech Support Survivor

That father needs to be smacked upside the head with... anything. Jerk. I like presents that have thought behind them. Like my friend found this cute little pendant with a black stone and a gold dragon on it. Doubt it was very expensive, but I loved it.

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