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#17: The tech support jobs I had I never dealt with that sort of thing. The worst was someone crying because they weren't going to have a new crackberry on their desk Sunday morning. But I'd have delighted in telling them that Santa isn't real, their parents don't love them and ask where babies come from. I don't like people, I don't like kids, and I don't like being made the bad guy for your fuckuppery, so I will dump shit all over it if you try and throw me into the deep end like that.


This list should be printed on 3' x 5' sign boards and hung at every check-out line.


D, you're absolutely right! As for 8, I thought Meijer was too big and I need a smaller store!

Tech Support Survivor

Oh god #17. I worked Christmas doing tech support for crapcom one year. Get a call early, trying to set up their new laptop. Problem of course was the router. Someone got pissy because I couldn't click a button and make it work. Then got real pissy when no one was available to come out for days. Cause y'know, Christmas.


Heh. 17 for the fruit based electronics company, especially when you still had to connect the device to a computer to activate it. The screaming,the yelling, the threats, the "You ruined Christmas"
Not my fault you didn't bother to read the box, where it says quite clearly "Computer with (proprietary software) required

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