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In other breaking news, fire is hot. Stay tuned to find out if gravity still works!


Maybe we should rethink this whole Black Friday thing. Every year, the stores put out a very LIMITED amount of items at a ridiculous low price, knowing it will cause a stampede of customers for that specific item. How about holding stores liable that deliberate create the situations that lead up to these riots and injuries? Yes, people are responsible for their own actions (the idiots that cause the violence) but they are doing it in response to the deliberately imposed item/price scarcity created by the store.

In general, if you know that every year people are injured because of your action, yet every year you continue to do the same thing, you are very much at fault as well.


I agree with SS. I think this is the real "war on Christmas" I'm not Christian, yet I celebrate the holidays because it's supposed to be a time of peace and giving, taking care of each other, not this blatant and hellish landscape of consumerism with Dawn of the Dead like shoppers killing each other and trampling employees in a rush to get the newest TV for the once in a lifetime low low price


Yeah, seriously. It's not a surprise when this happens, since it happens every single year in hundreds of places.


Yep. Personally, you couldn't pay me to go shopping on Black Friday without a shotgun, taser, and full riot gear


On the other hand, if I could use them, I WOULD pay to do that...


TV, you may not be a Christian but you know how Christians should act to celebrate the birth of JC. If you saw "Kirk Cameron Savigf Christmas" he actually says materialism is good because we are celebrating Jesus coming to us in a material body. I am a Christian and that sentiment clashes with what I was taught! I think anyone Christian or not would be disgusted by the rampant materialism out there during this time of the year!

Kai Lowell

Damn right BH, I've got a ton of religious friends who are just utterly disgusted by it. Then again they are the good folks who don't force it down people's throats, respect other people's religions, and do act in a way that is suitable to their religion...

(Related, my dad's always fond of singing song parodies round this time of year - our favorite is "Angels we have heard on high, tell us to go out and buy"...)


Kai, wasn't that a line from Wall-E? :P

Kai Lowell

Was it? I've never seen Wall-E, so I wouldn't know. :P


Sounds very much like a Buy N Large jingle. :P Wasn't, but sounds like one.

Kai Lowell

Ah. :P I dunno where Dad picked that one up, I'll ask him at some point. He's full of song parodies (which is what comes of being a filker...)

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