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The kid should learn not to sit on the scale! It was totally the girl's fault!


I blame the mother, not the kid. Mommy can't be bothered to teach the kid not to do stupid stuff

Kai Lowell

^ That. How's the kid supposed to know if mumsy dearest can't be arsed to teach her how to behave like a civilized being? Although it sounds like there's hope for her if she told her mother to calm down.


Yeah, she sounds like a sweet kid who just was never taught better than that. Not her fault, and she'll learn with or without mommy. Hopefully, she'll stay the way she is.

Kai Lowell

One can hope. This world needs more heavenspawn.


I agree with all of you! It's just that I read so much about kids doing the wrong thing and knowing they are. I am sure this girl will learn to do right in school or with nicer people.

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