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"That could be partly from the Black Friday creep that starts earlier each year,
On Halloween, this year...
but also from the fact that people want to avoid the mad rush of going to the stores.”

Gasp! Why would people NOT want to get into a worse mosh than a zombie apocalypse?

I did all my xmas shopping in about an hour, on Amazon.


Seriously F that noise. Will be fighting my turkey coma and ordering stuff online. The two times my husband went nuts and camped out we got a set of Whirlpool front load washer/dryer for a stuipdly good deal and a year or two later he got himself a really nice TV. That's about the only stuff worth going out for. Everything else ships right to your door nice and easy.

Tech Support Survivor

Amen! Online shopping is the way to go!


And actually Walmart will be open ALL DAY; it's just the special deals that will start at 6 pm. I just wish that people wouldn't buy things on Thanksgiving and then try to return them at full price. They never have their receipt but they know what price they paid. Customer service runs the serial number and tells them no, you paid $XX for this, so that's all you get back.

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