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I'm working on Thanksgiving, but it's my choice. The helpdesk needs to be 24 hours, and there are only two of us on the night shift. My cow-orker has 5 kids and a wife. I have no friends and little family, so extra pay to sit and read a book all night is fine with me.

Kai Lowell

What, we're not your friends? You gives me a sad, TT. :P

All seriousness, may it be quiet and peaceful and devoid of crusty.

Tech Support Survivor

Especially if you get time and a half, or double time and a half as we used to get when I worked at a call center on a big holiday.


(sticks his tongue out at Kai) Different sort of friends.

Kai Lowell

Put that back unless you're planning to use it. :P


Oh, so you want to be that sort of friend too? :D


I never minded coming on the holidays because of the extra pay. I'll work a few hours on Thanksgiving or Christmas for 30-40 an hour, no problem. My current support job is for a company that is absolutely closed on most holidays, though, so I don't have to worry about it anymore

Kai Lowell

Well I suppose I wouldn't say no... :P

Honestly, if I could work, I'd probably work holidays if only because I'm not the sort who'd be too upset by losing the holiday. We keep things extremely low key around here anyway and don't really celebrate, so it's no big deal.



I like working nights, and I like being paid to read a book or websites for hours. The last year at my last job was ideal; working from home, I got paid to play WoW for 10 hours a night. I took maybe 3 calls a week as they were winding down the support group, letting contracts expire. Call comes in, I put on my headset and deal with it, and if I get killed in wow, oh well.

Kai Lowell

Well tigers are pretty nocturnal, aren't they? Wasn't aware those claws made it easy to play MMORPGs, though...


Retractable. It is hard to find a mouse that will fit my massive paws, though. The old Cataclysm mouse from Steelseries was perfect, but had recurring flaws...

Kai Lowell

And here I have trouble finding a mouse that properly fits my tiny appendages. So I sympathize, but on the opposite end. :P

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