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You could have asked ANY retail worker this and they would have said the same bloody thing.

We love the music but we can't deal with it day in and day out so in the end we HATE THE MUSIC!!!!!ARRRRGGHHHHH!


It doesn't do most customers any good either. I -hate- xmas music. I would very much like to see some sort of a virus manage to delete all the sappy, crappy, saccharine-sickly-sweet bullshit so I never had to have it inflicted on me again...


Or sprinkle the holiday music among normal songs so you don't want to staple your ears shut.


"clinical psychologist Linda Blair". Really? Did her head spin around?


And it's not only Christmas music. It's hearing the same songs every 2 hours for 4, 5, 6 months in a row. I never want to hear Mariah Carey or Miley Cyrus again, I don't care what they are singing.


At my place we have a very good play list, it's about 10 to 12 hours and it's randomised to a certain extent. They start very gradually with the C word music at the start of December and only throw it into high gear, though not every song, after 2 weeks. Then two days after New Year it's turned back to ordinary stuff again. I know how lucky I am. It's still irritating though.


I check out books on CD and listen to those on the way to work. Last year I listened to Mare Winningham reading "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King while I drove home in a blizzard. I wasn't wild about the story but her voice did calm me down! Now I am listening to "50 Shades of Grey" read by a woman who is not Ellen Degeneres and this reader is doing a good job. Ellen did the book reading of "50 Shades" on her show and it was funny! I listen to these books instead of listening to Xmas music. Libraries do have music CDs people can also listen to instead of Xmas music.


I'm in a band, we've been doing Christmas music for the last month.

I think they've under estimated the number of times we hear Jingle Bells though...I could count more than 300 times in just a week much less the entire season.


I hate almost any music I'm forced to hear -- and I don't even work in the stores. I've actually cut back my shopping at the nearest, cheapest, and most convenient supermarket to bare minimum -- because they play loud, often raucous music nearly all the time -- and I can't remember what I'm looking for on the shelves with it blaring. For a while I'd shop there wearing BOTH ear plugs and ear muffs (the noise-abating kind), but it was too inconvenient to do.
I'm the one who turns off the TV in the clinic waiting room (while nobody is watching it). Maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy, but I truly resent having TV and "music" forced upon me.


Not just you... one reason I prefer to work nights is for some reason everybody else in the world seems to think that 'while other people are on the phone' is the best time to play loud music...

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