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While I sympathize with you that you want to leave at your closing time, and you probably don't have the authority to decide the store hours..... I am absolutely disgusted with retail businesses that close at 5pm during the week. Most of the potential customers who have disposable money to go shopping have money because they are employed. So closing at store at the time that most of the potential customers are just finally leaving work means they can't get to the store before you close.

It is very difficult to get permission from a boss in order to leave work early to try to rush out to get to a store that closes at 5pm. It would be far more customer friendly to close at 5:30 to allow people a chance to get to your store after work.


Another thing that struck me after I posted.... you have a comment that you don't get paid past 5. If you had a customer in your store and you got stuck working past 5, if you are in the United States you LEGALLY must be paid for the time you worked even if it went past 5pm. If you have been stuck working past 5 and your employer refused to pay you, you need to report it to the Department of Labor to get your back pay.

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