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I had a coworker like that once. Her response to everything was either "I always do it that way" or "I never do it that way", depending on which phrase would shift the blame to someone else.


I currently have a coworker who never takes personal responsibility for anything. As a result, she never learns because she refuses to even listen to what went wrong in the first place. There have been times where she'll start explaining how something "isn't her fault" when I'm simply trying to pass on a general message from the owner or ask a question about something I don't understand. I would get it if we worked in the kind of environment where mistakes cost you something or supervisors came down hard on us; but everyone else just goes "whoops, my bad" and is met with a resounding "no problem".

Misty Meanor

Reminds me of the Narcissistic Supervisor who always blamed his mistakes/issues on other workers.

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