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"(I don't know of any stores that let you do this so correct me if I'm wrong, but swiping your card on the terminal in the middle of ringing items up is pointless)"

Depends entirely on your point of sale software (and I think yours is in the minority). At my work, as soon as POS has one item posted, you can swipe or insert the card, unless we're doing the "donate your change to sick children" thing, in which case it needs the answer to that question first.

At the grocery store I shop at, you can not only insert your chip card as soon as the cashier starts ringing stuff up, it will let you take it out again after a few seconds, before there's a total. (I haven't figure out yet if they're simply not PCI compliant, or if they're not including the total in the encrypted part of the transaction. Either way, it's . . . odd.)

Most places, in my experience, work like where I work.


I have literally NEVER been in a store that had you swipe your card before or during the transaction, always right at the end. I wonder if it's regional?

Kai Lowell

I can only think of a very small handful of places around here that don't at least give you the *ability* to swipe before everything's scanned. I *do* always wait till the end (my mum doesn't and it drives me up a wall) but theoretically I'd be able to do it sooner at most places.

Tech Support Survivor

Why would you swipe before they give you a total? That just doesn't compute to me. OF course I use debit, no credit cards for me.


Goober, there's a new thing called 'Quick Chip', where the terminal takes a (TEMPORARY) image of the chip information so the card doesn't have to stay in the terminal the entire time. It is PCI compliant, as it's still encrypted, and isn't stored at all; as soon as the transaction's over, the ram is cleared and its gone. Not sure how new it is, it's new to the credit card processing company I work for, and was causing some problems with some bank's cards where they'd all be declined.

It does depend on the POS, but mainly I'mma wait until they finish in case they fatfingered and try and charge me 30,000$ for my bottle of soda. (It's happened; had someone call in in tears because she'd hit too many zeroes and rather than cancelling and starting over, hit enter figuring it'd be rejected, and the customer's card was approved for almost 40 thousand dollars for 40$ worth of stuff...)

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