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Jingle Bells, Shotgun Shells
Author: Adam Selzer December 7, 2009 20 Comments
christmas, parodies, songs, violence
For the kid who just doesn’t think “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” is violent enough, there’s also this, which took my Iowa school by storm in 1990:

Jingle bells, shotgun shells,
Santa Claus is dead
Rudolph took a 44
and shot him in the head

Barbie doll, Barbie Doll
tried to save his life
GI Joe, GI Joe
stabbed him (or her) with a knife



What kind of lazy ass redneck wannabe doesn't make their own shotgun shell lights? Half the fun is the one that cooks off because it had a little bit of powder left inside!


Reminds me of the farm junk drawer that would get opened up to look for the needed type of ammo for the gun they were going hunting with.

Kai Lowell

And I thought the shotgun shell lip balm I have (yep - that's a thing - look up Balmshot) was weird.

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