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Could be a situation similar to mine growing up. My parents built a walk-in basement on the side of a hill, and then had a partially pre-assembled house put on top. The kitchen was on the walk in side, so the kitchen door was off the ground like this one. It took my dad about five years to finally get around building a deck. So not so much engineering fail, procrastination fail.

Kai Lowell

Watch that first step; it's a doozy.

There's actually a house just down the road with a similar engineering fail - except that one's apparently deliberate, because it's never been addressed. The owners started self-building that house maybe a year after the parents and I moved out here, finished it...I want to say about a year and a half ago?...and the steps leading up to the door, well, do not go all the way up to the door. There's a good eight inch drop between the bottom of the door and the start of the steps. I'll see if I can get a picture of it tomorrow, it's really hard to explain.

It's a nice little house though.


Minecraft building. Zombies and skeletons can't jump, so you leave a one block gap between the stairs and your door.

Kai Lowell

Ha. That could explain it!

Tech Support Survivor

I've seen this, but in at least one occasion they had a back exit with wooden staircase that had been removed.

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