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You wonder how some people do this shit... that's not a rebuild where they moved the stairs and left the original rail in place, those stairs look like solid concrete. How does someone do that and not notice it's stupid?


Looks like someone took a picture of a broken railing. Five tile lines up from the top of the stair is where it appears the railing connects. Notice the close end of the railing doesn't have one of those elbows to fasten it to the wall.

Kai Lowell

Huh, you're right. Good catch.


Why do people do this? Give us a real good one we can all shake our heads at and laugh and quit these fake bullshit ones please.


Sandman2010, I didn't catch that it was broken, not poorly engineered. It was an honest mistake. However, if you are willing to dedicate several days a week to doing a better job than I, for free like I am, you are more than welcome to join the team.


I missed it too... I saw the close end was missing the bracket, but figured it was just the half-assery of the rest...

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