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Misty Meanor

I dread working in a supermarket, since I just KNOW the management would see how fast I scan items and be like, "She doesn't need a bagger, she's fast!"


Living in the UK, the idea of not bagging my shopping myself is weird. Only tend to get help like that here when it's for a fund raising or other event.


If there's no bagger around when I check out, I'll do it myself. Gets me out of there faster. :P


To me it seems weird to bag my own stuff. In most stores I've been in the cashier bags as they scan. I think I remember the local grocery store when I was a kid putting things farther down from the belt when they scanned and my mother bagging herself it though.

Kai Lowell

I'll bag my own stuff if there's no bagger around, or if a bagger has to step away I'll pick up where they left off. It's kind of soothing to me actually.


Honestly, I prefer to bag my own things. I like my cold stuff to all be together. But inevitably, no matter how I send them down the line, they get all mixed up and I wind up with ice cream and dried beans in the same bag if a bagger does it.

McHell Manager

In my area (Western New York) most places bag as they scan the groceries. It's completely 100% set up that way. If I attempted to bag as they scanned, I would totally get in their way and in their personal bubble. I do remember a billion years ago, that if they needed to, they could put up a quick belt that stretched from the normal belt to the little island behind them, if they had a bagger to help, but that's only if they had a bagger. I have not seen one of those things in FOREVER.

And for those of you who say it's a Costco/Save-A-Lot thing, our local "Bag it yourself" companies just reload your stuff into a new cart, and then you go to a separate area designed for you to bag your own stuff.


Carhop, same here. No reason to waste the cold the ice cream is giving off on something that doesn't care about being cold.

McHell; around here in Florida, it depends on the store. Walmart, they bag as they scan. Most of the grocery stores have a 'catch' area that the stuff ends up in and the bags are at the end of that for the bagger, if any. The cashier can easily reach them but having to turn around to put stuff in bags slows them down a lot, so it's faster if I do it.

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