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Kai Lowell

That is actually kind of funny!

What is it about Mall-Wart customers and immediately latching onto any shade of blue, no matter what it is? I had a lady mistake me (yes, five foot two inch, perpetually baby-faced, doesn't look old enough to work anywhere me) for an employee while I was waiting for someone to help me load up a desk I was buying. Solely because I was wearing a bright blue T-shirt. Not even a vest, or something that could look even remotely dressy. At least she listened and apologized, and an actual employee who was walking by at the time sympathetically mentioned just about anyone who wears a blue shirt to Mall-Wart tends to get that...


So they reward the jerk customer by making him think he's right and let him continue harassing customers instead of telling him that he's not welcome if he can't behave himself. If you've told him that people in blue aren't employees, then you DO tell him they are employees, you just make the problem worse. They made one customer happy at the expense of the multiple customers that he continues to harass.


Yeah, doing something just because it's easier on them makes it worse for everyone else, when that manager isn't around.

At least the person got a drink out of it...

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