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You definitely should not be leaving a store unlocked and unmanned! That is an open invitation for thieves. You should have either locked the door and waited where you could see your grandfather arrive to let him in, or you should have locked the door and waited outside. But it's not cool to just leave the place unlocked and sit outside in the back.


Or had Gramps call or text when he got there, or tell him "I'll be around back"... while yes, they ignored closed signs, one should know better than to expect a sign to deter a customer...


I have been to several small stores where an employee forgot to flip the sign to open in the morning and then got to busy to do anything about it. if the lights are on and doors are unlocked, I'm going to assume the place is open as well. The fact the employees decided to leave the store completely unmanned to go back and have a drink reflects more on the staff hired than the customers.

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