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Are you male or female? Is the cow-orker who got hired for more the opposite? Possibly favoritism / sexism. If you have documentation of the time you worked your ass off to cover losing half the people I'd take it to the new boss and ask why.

But yeah... any time you ask about a raise, you should have a replacement job in mind.


All of us is are female with fairly similar backgrounds and between 20 and 35. Until 3rd boss all of the bosses were also female. 2nd boss actually started off in the daycare with me.


Also the two numbers I am aware of are inconsistent. One is nearly a dollar more an hour and the other is 50 cents

McHell Manager

I would honestly ask the boss. Walk in there with facts ready, with confidence that way they can't say "Well you don't seem sure that Co-worker #1 is getting more..." and if they cannot supply you with an answer, you might have to challenge them to the whole "Either give me a raise, or I walk" thing. They may take that challenge to heart, but if they do, do you really want to be working there?

This is sort of happening to my husband. The Board where he works did not approve merit raises (just cost of living raises) despite his absolute glowing recommendation from everyone. He ended up talking to the CEO about it and when the CEO found out he was a pay grade 2 doing the work of a pay grade 5, his jaw dropped to the floor.


I dunno what more to tell you, but do wish you good luck.

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