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I have come across this exact attitude before, and 360 is right, it's base model luxury car and pre-owned Land Rover owners that always have it. I'll be honest, my shop doesn't generally deal with anything higher price tagged than that, I assume because the owners prefer to go back to the dealership.

Kai Lowell

So I guess you could say he got a chilly reception?

(I'm not sorry.)


This reminds me of a bit Ron White did:

He was married to a super-rich woman and his brother-in-law was a massive prick who would not.stop.talking. about the glories of Mercedes-Benz cars. So, to rub it in his face, Ron shows off his new tour van that has a pull-out couch that can be opened with a press of a button.

BIL: I can't believe you didn't buy a Mercedes Benz

Ron: They don't make a van

(BIL starts babbling on about the three-inch wipers on that keep his headlights clean in a rainstorm.)

Ron: I have a place to fuck your sister.

The punchline is that he doesn't know why her family never liked him.

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