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Burly Goontar

Tech: 1. You called me because I know how to do this and you don't.
2. The 'Floppy disk' button will open a drop down box with options.
3. The 'Floppy disk' button will save it, not delete it, so,
even if I'm wrong, you haven't lost your document.
4. Even if my way takes longer than the 'one button' you are looking for,
which doesn't exist, it will be quicker than arguing.


Verily, plus sales tax. It should be on the recording when they call... "YOU called US because you don't know how to fix whatever you screwed up. Let us fix it."




Yeah, that's what I would have done first... but I'm an old geek who grew up before mouses were standard equipment. :P


I grew up using the old Macs in the nineties (I both love and loathe Oregon Trail), so I've always had mouses, but I just find the keyboard shortcuts faster. Especially for printing and copy/paste.

Of course, with the latest updates of Windows 10, you just have to save at the beginning of your document and it 'automatically' saves everything, but I'm a bit too paranoid to rely on it exclusively.

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