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"oh gosh you must be feeling pretty good right now, making me eat my words."

You don't have to eat them right now, you've got some WAX PAPER to wrap them in and take them home, so you can savor them later.


She was partially correct, it is paper that has been waxed, not paper made completely of wax so it is waxed paper. :-)


The way most of the people around here pronounce it, including me, 'waxed' is one syllable, and very nearly indistinguishable from 'wax'More like 'waxt'.


What's weird is that it technnically is waxed paper, since the paper has a very think coating of wax on it - but - the roll I have at home says "Wax Paper" on the box. So, both are correct.

It's funny how customers think that just because you don't use something, you don't know what it is. I used to experience that all the time. Hey - if you stock it, you what what it is and where it is.

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